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First International Workshop on the
Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection

Sponsored by
IBM Emergency Response Service
The Joint Research Centre of the EC (Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety)

September 14-16, 1998
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

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RAID'98 was held in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, on 14-16 September 1998. RAID'98 has been held in the same location as CARDIS'98 and ESORICS'98 , at the same time as the former and just prior to the latter. A registration discount was available to those attending both the ESORICS conference and the RAID workshop.

RAID'98 was the first in an anticipated annual series of international workshops that has brought together leading figures from academia, government, and industry to ponder the current state of intrusion detection technologies and paradigms from the research and commercial perspectives. Its aim was to further progress in intrusion detection by promoting the exchange of ideas among researchers, system developers, and users and by encouraging links between these groups.

More than 130 participants attended RAID98. Almost 50% of them came from outside Europe, reflecting a truly international community. Almost all the large research institutions and universities active in the field were represented. Also, it is worth noting that many attendees came from industry, not only from companies selling ID products but also from companies interested in finding ID solutions. See the list of attendees for more information.

52 proposals were received in response to our Call For Participation. 35 papers and 2 panels were accepted by the Program Committee.

Slides of the presentations as well as a couple of full papers are available in the online proceedings.

If you are interested in a quick overview of RAID98, you should take a look at the workshop report written by M. Wilikens (available in various formats: PDF, PS, Word or HTML) or at the other one by M. Dacier and K. Jackson (available in HTML and also as a Word document)