RAID 2012

Keynote Speaker

John Viega, Perimeter E-Security: The State of Embedded Device Security (Spoiler Alert: It's Bad)


Embedded devices are becoming ubiquitous. But did designers of embedded devices design for security? Of course they didn't! Not only do embedded devices leave us with new challenges for securing systems-- we have to deal with all the devices being connected to the Internet, that were originally expected to only live on private networks, such as infrastructure control systems. The end result is a world of peril, where death is even a possibility. In this talk, we'll look at why things are so bad, and explore areas for future work.

John Viega

John is Executive Vice President of Products, Strategy and Engineering at Perimeter E-Security. At Perimeter, John is responsible for product management, product marketing, engineering and thought leadership.

John has authored numerous books on security, including the recent "Myths of Security", "The Secure Programming Cookbook", "Network Security with OpenSSL" and the seminal "Building Secure Software", which was the first book on application security. He is also well-known for being the original author of the Mailman mailing list manager, and other prominent open source software packages.

John is the editor-in-chief for IEEE Security and Privacy magazine, and his technical work in cryptography has been standardized by NIST, the IEEE and IETF.

Prior to Perimeter, John was at McAfee, where he was CTO and VP of Engineering for the Software-as-a-Service business unit. He was also McAfee's Chief Security Architect, where he worked on M&A and also owned McAfee's core technologies, such as anti-virus and the SiteAdvisor product. John also founded Secure Software, raising a Series A from Charles River Ventures. The company was later acquired by Fortify, where John was an advisor through the acquisition by Hewlett Packar.

John holds a MS in Computer Science and a BA from the University of Virginia.

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