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* Benchmarking Computer Security Using WINE (PDF)
T. Dumitras, D. Shou, C. Leita, M. Dacier

* Automatically Detecting and Removing Malware Using Dynamic Analysis Systems (PDF)
N. Kawaguchi, T. Yoda, H. Yamaguchi, T. Kasagi, Y. Hoshizawa

* EFFORT: Efficient and Effective Bot Malware Detection (PDF)
S. Shin, Z. Xu, G. Gu

* An Operational Framework for Alert Correlation using a Novel Clustering Approach (PDF)
A. Mohamed, N. Idris, B. Shanmugum

* Random Projection Method for Scalable Malware Classification (PDF)
J. Hegedüs, Y. Miche, A. Ilin, A. Lendasse

* ACTIVATE: Yet Another Application of Large-scale Darknet Monitoring toward Disaster Recovery (PDF)
D. Inoue, J. Nakazato, J. Shimamura, M. Eto, K. Nakao

* Smart Device Profiling for Smart SCADA (PDF)
D. Hadžiosmanović, D. Bolzoni, P. Hartel

* Spamming Botnet Characterizing By Latent Intentions Discovery (PDF)
C. Mao, C-C. Lin, K-C. Chang, P-T. Chen, C. Faloutsos, H-M. Lee

* Web2Bot: Botnet in Web 2.0 Era (PDF)
Z. Zhang, X. Cui, C. Liu

* CloudRand: Building Heterogeneous and Moving-target Network Interfaces for Cloud (PDF)
S. Shin, Z. Xu, G. Gu

* DCDIDP: A Distributed, Collaborative, and Data-driven IDP Framework for Cloud (PDF)
S. Zargar, H. Takabi, J. Joshi