RAID 2009 posters

  1. Yang Li, Li Guo, Lin Qi and Bin-Xing Fang. An Experimental Study on Instance Selection Schemes for Efficient Network Anomaly Detection

  2. Jonathan-Christofer Demay, Eric Totel and Frédéric Tronel. Automatic Software Instrumentation for the Detection of Non-control-data Attacks [poster]

  3. Long Lu, Vinod Yegneswaran, Phillip Porras and Wenke Lee. BLADE: Slashing The Invisible Channel of Drive-by Download Malware

  4. Milosz Marian Hulboj and Ryszard Erazm Jurga. CERN Investigation of Network Behaviour and Anomaly Detection

  5. Laurent George, Valérie Viet Triem Tong and Ludovic Mé. Blare Tools: A Policy-Based Intrusion Detection System Automatically Set by the Security Policy [poster]

  6. Asaf Shabtai, Uri Kanonov and Yuval Elovici. Detection, Alert and Response to Malicious Behavior in Mobile Devices: Knowledge-Based Approach

  7. Wei Wang, Thomas Guyet and Svein J. Knapskog. Autonomic Intrusion Detection System

  8. Ikpeme Erete, Vinod Yegneswaran and Phillip Porras. ALICE@home: Distributed Framework for Detecting Malicious Sites

  9. Frédéric Massicotte. Packet Space Analysis of Intrusion Detection Signatures [poster]

  10. Annie De Montigny-Leboeuf, Mathieu Couture and Frederic Massicotte. Traffic Behaviour Characterization using NetMate [poster]

  11. Mobin Javed, Ayesha Binte Ashfaq, Zubair Shafiq and Syed Ali Khayam. On the Inefficient Use of Entropy for Anomaly Detection

  12. Ikpeme Erete. Browser-based Intrusion Prevention System

  13. Sadia Noreen, Shafaq Murtaza, M. Zubair Shafiq and Muddassar Farooq. Using Formal Grammar and Genetic Operators to Evolve Computer Viruses

  14. Boris Rozenberg, Ehud Gudes, Yuval Elovici and Yuval Fledel. Method for Detecting Unknown Malicious Executables.

  15. Ang Cui, Yingbo Song and Salvatore J.Stolfo. Brave New World: Pervasive Insecurity of Embedded Network Devices

  16. Daisuke Inoue, Mio Suzuki, Masashi Eto, Katsunari Yoshioka and Koji Nakao. DAEDALUS: Novel Application of Large-scale Darknet Monitoring for Practical Protection of Live Networks [poster]