Work-in-progress session information

RAID this year will host works in progress session with the intention of stimulating discussion and fostering interaction. Each speaker will be allocated a strictly enforced 10 minute presentation slot.
Submissions having

  • A single paragraph abstract
  • A contact for the work (url or email)
  • A short presentation (PDF, Power Point, or Open Office)

should be sent before the start of the second day of the conference (9AM Thursday) to James Riordan with subject "raid-wip".
Assuming there are more than six submissions, selections will be announced, in the form of a schedule, immediately before the start of the afternoon session. The presentations will be given from 14:00-13:00 and will be followed by a break allowing questions and discussion.
The list of abstracts and contacts will be placed on the conference web site; the presentations will not be distributed or retained by the conference organizers (but are required as to expedite the rapid schedule).

Important Dates

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RAID 2006 will be directly preceded by ESORICS 2006.

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