Accepted Posters

  • A Collaborative Architecture for Intrusion Detection Using Information Fusion Techniques
    • Claudio Mazzariello, Francesco Oliviero, Lorenzo Peluso, Simon Pietro Romano, Carlo Sansone
  • A New Freely Available Data Set for the Evaluation of Signature-Based IDS
    • Fran çois Gagnon, Frédéric Massicotte
  • A taste of APHRODITE: an Architecture for False Positive Reduction
    • Damiano Bolzoni
  • Automated Response Systems in MANET
    • Shiau-Huey Wang, Karl Levitt
  • Belief representation of network behavior in user and application context to improve intrusion detection
    • Pedro Bados Aguilar
  • Enhanced parallel-coordinates visualization to help understand anomaly-based alarms
    • Patrick Hertzog
  • From Exploits to Vulnerabilities: Challenge for IDS appliances
    • Proneet Biswas
  • Mining a Worm Detection System Data
    • Urko Zurutuza, Roberto Uribeetxeberria, James Riordan, Yann Duponchel
  • Semantical File Integrity Checking Using Reconfigurable Hardware
    • Jakub Botwicz
  • Simulation Environment for Investigation of Cooperative Distributed Attacks and Defense
    • Igor Kotenko, Alexander Ulanov
  • Using the Dempster-Shafer theory for Traffic Classification
    • G. B. Barone, Claudio Mazzariello, Carlo Sansone
  • YAMA: Simplifying Computer Network Intrusion Detection Experiment Analysis
    • Nestor Hernandez, Robert Cunningham

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