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Corporate Sponsorships for RAID2003

The RAID (Recent Advanced in Intrusion Detection) symposium is one of the most important events devoted to sharing information related to Intrusion Detection. RAID2003 will be the sixth occurrence in the series, which every year attracts a large (consistently over 100 people) international community of researchers, users and vendors. Leading figures from academia, government and industry come together to discuss state-of-the-art intrusion detection technologies and issues from the research and commercial perspectives.

RAID strives to have strong connections to the academic, scientific and industrial worlds. To increase RAID's ability to attract students, and to strengthen its relationship with industry, we are looking for companies interested in providing sponsorship for RAID2003.

The funds provided by sponsors will be used primarily for covering the costs of student scholarships. These scholarships will be made available to qualifying students, and will cover registration and other costs of attending the symposium.

In the interest of simplicity, only one sponsorship scheme exists, as follows:

Additional sponsorship opportunities can be negotiated individually.

If your company is interested in being a sponsor for RAID, please contact Don McGillen for additional details:

Don McGillen
Executive Director
Center for Computer and Communications Security
Carnegie Mellon University
Phone: (412) 268-6755

For more information about the RAID symposium, please visit its web page at