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RAID 2003
Instructions for Authors and Presenters

Preparation of papers

Papers must be prepared according to the instructions provided by Springer Verlag for the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series and are limited to 20 pages. We strongly encourage you to use Latex to prepare the camera-ready version of your paper.

Papers must be sent in electronic form to the RAID 2003 publication chair (volume editor), Chris Kruegel, by June 30, 2003. We do not require a printout of the final version of your contribution.

Please note that the Springer Verlag now also requires a copyright transfer form with your submission. Signed copyright transfer forms have to be sent or faxed to:

Chris Kruegel
Engineering I, Room 2120A
University of California, Santa Barbara
CA 93106, USA

    phone: +1 (805) 893-4394
    fax: +1 (805) 893-8553

Please contact Chris for publication-related questions.

Preparation of panels

Panel chairs are invited to provide a description of the panel, to be put on the RAID web site, as well as statements or slides by the panelists.

Preparation of presentations

If provided by the authors, presentation material will be made available on the RAID web site.